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UNBELIEVABLE: See How This Beautiful Lady Escaped Being Used For Money Rituals By One Of Her Facebook Friends. (Screenshots)

One of our readers has a message for ladies out there as she’s shared her encounter with us – she just might have fallen into the hands of ritualists but thank goodness that she has good instinct.

According to her, one of her Facebook friends, Bella (pseudonym) wanted to hook her up with a guy, “David D Goliath”, saying he’s a 30 year guy who just got back from abroad and is looking to hook up with a girl.
Our reader, who was skeptical about the whole thingy, pressured Bella with questions and the response she got was fishy and so she consulted her other friend for advice, who then told her it’s a faux.

In our reader’s own words:
Hey , so Yesterday night a girl inboxed me, telling me she wanted me to hook up with a rich guy and stuff. But basically am gonn ‘ send you screen shots to cut the long story short. Later that Night, I told a friend of mine, and he said he wants to verify the foreign number (in one of the screen shots am going to send to you) for me.

And I was like OK. Few mins later, he was like the number can be registered anywhere and that this david the goliath guy in question, didn’t travel abroad and that he himself has a foreign number too.

That the number is an online number. In other words, Am sending you guys this, so u guys can post it and so it can serve as a lesson to other girls out there and boys tryna deceive girls too. I don’t know what the girl or the boy’s intention was tho. Iono if they wanted to use me for ritual . All I know is Girls out there should be careful.

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This is how they use Innocent girls for ritual.
Read their chat below:

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